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A Tribute to Ray Bradbury

It was the future: 1999, back when the 2000s promised flying cars, silver jumpsuits, Y2K, and Jeston’s-like fare. For me, however, I was being introduced to the past. It was then that I went to hear a man named Ray Bradbury speak. At the time, I hadn’t read any of his work, but I sort of recognized the name. I thought it might be interesting to go and see a famous author give a talk, and I had to attend at least one public speaking engagement as a requirement for a theater and film class I was taking at the
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The Academie’s an Amazon Best Seller!

The Academie hit Amazon’s list for top 100 in children’s science fiction kindle books repeatedly this week. I didn’t think to take a screen shot of it until late in the game (the list updates hourly), but the lowest it hit was #80. It may not be #1 (yet), but it’s pretty exciting to see it listed above a James Patterson novel! Thank you to everyone who has purchased and enjoyed The Academie. I truly love writing stories and can’t wait to share the sequel with you. I’m also working on an audio book, reader’s discussion guide, and a sampling
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