Coming Soon: The Armageddon Factor

The Armageddon FactorThe United States is no longer a democracy. Taken over by an extremist religious group, universities, grade schools, businesses, and shops are being shut down in preparation for what they believe is the end of the world. Every US citizen is being recruited by this new government to fight what they are calling “The Battle of Armageddon.” Anyone who protests is sent to prison and ultimately, to their death.

Seth and Jace, two college students, were protesting the closing of the last university when they were erroneously arrested for the murder of the daughter of a man known as “The Healer”— a man who appears to be able to perform miracles with a simple touch. He is also the reason why so many were willing to let an extremist government takeover, since they assume his abilities are proof of God.

Seth and Jace escape with the help of another prisoner, Sanjana. On the night of their escape, they are exposed to a strange light in the sky, after which they discover that they too can do what The Healer can do and more.

Now on the run, Seth, Jace, and Sanjana try to discover answers to the mystery of the light, why they have special abilities, and whether or not they can save anyone from the Battle of Armageddon.

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