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Bringing My Writing to a Boyle

I love literature that bends, distorts, twists, or otherwise rips reality apart. But ultimately, I just love great writing. And even though what I write normally has some kind of paranormal or science fiction element to it, one of my biggest, if not the biggest influence on my writing is TC Boyle. Since I play and record music, my desk is cluttered with speakers, a mixer, and a digital audio workstation. But despite the lack of space, I have two books that I always find room for: a pocket dictionary, and a collection of TC Boyle short stories. For reasons
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George Orwell: The Gateway Drug

In high school, none of my English classes required me to read 1984. We did read Animal Farm my senior year and I secretly loved it, but never once did I consider picking up anything that wasn’t assigned unless it was about rock n’ roll or some Star Was adventure. The truth of the matter was that I loved English class, but the thought to read this stuff outside of class never once crossed my mind. And I made it all the way to the end of my undergraduate degree before this changed. I think it was my birthday, and
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