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Author Interview with Lindiwe Maqhubela

Lindiwe Maquhubela is the founder of a brand new and very cool website for creative types and anyone looking for a bit of inspiration: Inspiration for Creation. Given that it was my first ever podcast, I was quite nervous, but Lindi was a fantastic host, getting me to talk about everything from writing, to webdesign, to social media. Have questions? Feel free to leave them below. I’m happy to chat. 🙂
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Loving Literature Awards 5 Stars to The Academie!

Book Blogger Chelsea Jade, lover of young adult literature, recently reviewed The Academie. Jade explains, I review books the majority being young adult, I rate these books out of 5 and is based on if it gripped me, how well thought out and wrote it was and how well developed the characters were. About The Academie, Jade says, Imagine this, you finally finish school and move on to college, you finally think all that drama is behind you. That is until the government set up The Academie. Allie is 19 and couldn’t have been more happy that that chapter of he life
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