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The Armageddon Factor

Believing they have found proof of God, religious radicals, with surprising support from the US population, have taken over the US government, ending democracy and rewriting the Constitution. These radicals, called Armageddonists, believe that it is their calling to fulfill biblical prophecy and usher in the Battle of Armageddon. Anyone who protests is arrested and forced to convert. Those who fail to convert are put to death. Meanwhile, while protesting the closing of the last university, two college students, Seth White and Jace Davis, are arrested and falsely accused of murder. Knowing they will be executed, they make a daring
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The Academie Hit Amazon’s Best Sellers List Again!

I am overjoyed to announce that The Academie has hit Amazon’s Best Sellers list again! Thank you fans! It means the world to me, especially in light of the upcoming release, The Armageddon Factor, which my husband, Christian (CN James), and I have been hard at work at for quite some time now. It’s great to hear you are enjoying our work. We look forward to bringing you The Academie II: The Silent School later this year as well.  
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