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Author Interview with Lindiwe Maqhubela

Lindiwe Maquhubela is the founder of a brand new and very cool website for creative types and anyone looking for a bit of inspiration: Inspiration for Creation. Given that it was my first ever podcast, I was quite nervous, but Lindi was a fantastic host, getting me to talk about everything from writing, to webdesign, to social media. Have questions? Feel free to leave them below. I’m happy to chat. 🙂
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E-books or Print?

Last weekend, my sister and I were discussing book formats. I explained how excited I am to get on the e-book bandwagon. Meanwhile, she insists she’ll read paper books forever and only wants her daughter to read print as well. I love e-books for all the possibilities for readers of all ages (check out Sesame Streets new line of e-books for kids, for example). My sister loves the look, feel, and smell of print books. As someone who owns and checks out of the library A LOT of books, I would love to be able to carry all of them
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