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Resolution to Myself

Graves’ Disease–an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid (which affects metabolism, blood pressure, appetite, and energy levels) has pushed me to my limits in the past year. Each time I think I’m really making progress–that the worst might finally be over–it seems to come back to remind me that I’m really not in control of any of this. Control. I used to have it, or at least I thought I did. I relished it. I was the queen of my own little world and I was productive. Oh was I productive. Hyperactive little me could accomplish so much in a day,
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Smoothies: Coffee Replacement and Recipe for Good Writing

An avid coffee drinker since I was old enough to walk and steal sips out of mom’s cup when she wasn’t looking, I could argue the merits of coffee till the end of time…or my time anyway. But unfortunately, I’ve learned with time that coffee has as many bad effects as it has good. One of the worst–that doctors don’t have to tell us about: caffeine crash. So what do we do? We drink more. Eventually, we crash hard enough that we have to give in and get some sleep. The trouble: whether you realize it or not, drinking coffee during the day is
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